About The Movement

Warrior King Society /manəˈfestō/

The Warrior King Society 5 point star represents five truths we believe to be self-evident that every man...

  1. Is made in God’s image, bears his identity, and is created equally. 
  2. Is born free with inalienable rights and a master of himself. 
  3. Has been commissioned with authority to fight for and achieve his God-given calling. 
  4. Has gifts, talents and experience that gives him a voice to be heard and a seat at the table.
  5. Has a duty to help the man next to him to become a success and dominate his domain. 


Be the man.

It's time for every man to stand up and fight for his birthright. To finally become who he was born to be without apology. It's time to say "no" to distractions and say "yes" to your destiny.

Today is the day your life changes forever...

Join the movement.